RELEASEGIG Haystack + Grande Royale@Hush Hush Club

RELEASEGIG Haystack + Grande Royale@Hush Hush Club


RELEASEGIG Haystack + Grande Royale@Hush Hush Club

Sofiehof Underjord Presenterar

RELEASEGIG Haystack + Grande Royale@Hush Hush Club
Feb,09 • 20:00

The Hush Hush Club presenterar stolt Releasegig med HAYSTACK som släpper nytt album efter 4 år. Vi får även njuta av Grande Royale och Blessings. 18+ 20:00 Här kan ni kolla in Haystack: YouTube Här kan ni kolla in Grande Royale: YouTube Här kan ni kolla in Blessings: YouTube

HAYSTACK Haystack was formed 1994 by Ulf Cederlund (Entombed, Disfear, Murder Squad, Alpha Safari, Swarm of Souls) after a North American tour where the band Unsane opened up for Entombed.

Uffe liked what they were doing and formed a three-piece band influenced mainly by Unsane but also other Noise-rock/Fucked-up punk-rock three-piece bands like: Hammerhead(US), NoMeansNo, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Bitch Magnet, Melvins, Dinosaur Jr, Wipers and Dead Moon.

After a couple of line-up changes the band started to sound good enough and consisted of Jonas Lundberg (A-Bombs, The Maggots) on drums and Johan Blomqvist (Backyard Babies) on Bass.

Haystack released two albums under this line-up: “Right at You” on “Outside Society Records” 1996 and “Slave Me” on Threeman Recordings / MFN records in 1998. Johan Blomqvist left the band after recording the bass tracks on Slave Me to fully focus on Backyard Babies.

Jörgen Sandström (Entombed, Grave) filled in on bass before the band went in a state of slumber for nearly 20 years. Ulf started focus more on songwriting in Entombed, this was the time when Same Difference and Uprising were written.

2017: Ulf Cederlund and Jonas Lundberg decided that they were going to start up the band again. Ulf got in touch with Patrik Thorngren who played the bass with Ulf in their band Alpha Safari.

They booked a show in Stockholm to get things moving and started working on a new album. How could Haystack make an album today?

They decided that things had to move fast. At that time the band wanted to limit itself, dogma style. work fast, be spontaneous, not to overwork the process, see a recording take place fast.

The result is ”The Sacrifice”, nine new songs and one Dead Can Dance cover, recorded and mixed in four days.

Haystacks two previous albums “Right at You” and “Slave Me” will be rereleased in the near future.

GRANDE ROYALE Grande Royale, ett kraftfullt rock’n’roll-band som hämtar inspiration från Detroits explosiva rockscen på 70-talet och den skandinaviska rockscenen på 90-00-talet. Med sitt riviga sound och energiska framträdanden levererar de en underbar mix av rå kraft och melodiska nyanser. Grande Royale är synonymt med en musikalisk åktur genom tid och rum, där riviga gitarriff, lekfulla basgångar och intensiva trummor smälter samman till ett ljudlandskap som bär arvet från rockens guldåldrar. En upplevelse som fångar andan av rebellisk rock’n’roll och cementerar Grande Royale som en frisk fläkt i den moderna musikscenen. Nu kliver bandet återigen upp på scenen på Sofiehof Underjord men för första gången någonsin med den nya konstellationen där Gustav Wremer (sång, gitarr) och Samuel Georgsson (bas) fått sällskap av Olof Gardestrand på trummor och en comebackande Hampus Steenberg.

BLESSINGS BLESSINGS’ debut album „Bittervatten“ was a harsh and noisy affair, inspired by bands like Unsane, Breach, Black Flag and Darkthrone… but the Gothenburg, Sweden – based four-piece soon developed into a bit of a different direction. Still loud and confrontational, the elements of repetition and trance-incurring moods and riffing became more prominent in their sound on sophomore release Biskopskniven.

The driving force behind Blessings has always been the shared attitude and chemistry between the band members, all coming from a DIY punk/ hardcore background, and having paid their dues in hard-touring bands like Scraps Of Tape, Anchor and Gamla Pengar. Members of BLESSINGS are currently active in Barrens, Scraps Of Tape, Gust, Disav

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