A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog


A Giant Dog

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A Giant Dog
Sep,01 • 20:00

Startar 01 sep 20:00

Arrangör: The Hush Hush Club

Vi presenterar stolt amerikanska A Giant Dog! En kokande rockkväll direkt influgen från Austin, Texas! Öppnar kvällen gör Children of the Sün med svävande drömsk rock.

  • 18år+
  • Insläpp 20:00
  • Spana in A Giant Dog här: https://youtu.be/7_iHc_z-G8I
  • Spana In Children of the Sün här: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXHrsAGTuew
  • A GIANT DOG has been raising the bar on what a rock ‘n’ roll album can do and what the rock show experience can be like. Just take a listen to their last two album on MERGE RECORDS, where the band refashions the glamours of 70’s rock within the pillars of modern punk (and beyond), stretching farther than they ever have before without any fear towards musical experimentation.

Or, even better, take a look at their live performances. Yes, performance is the right word for a band that is not afraid to push themselfs too hard, too fast, too often. A band that is so solid that MERGE RECORDS will release again them in 2023. A new album is almost ready and we are excited! *and don’t forget to check their other project SWEET SPIRIT (hopefully on tour in EU one day) too!

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